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GIGABYTE and NVIDIA Partner to Roll Out Latest AI- Based RTX PCs

GIGABYTE and NVIDIA Partner to Roll Out Latest AI- Based RTX PCs

GIGABYTE, a leader in computer hardware innovation, has partnered with NVIDIA to introduce a new series of AI-powered RTX PCs. These advanced systems are designed to deliver exceptional performance, leveraging NVIDIA's latest RTX 40 series GPUs combined with GIGABYTE's renowned engineering.

GIGABYTE and NVIDIA Introduce AI-Powered RTX PCs for Future Performance

In a landmark partnership, GIGABYTE and NVIDIA have come together to release a fresh range of AI-powered RTX PCs. These groundbreaking systems utilize the state-of-the-art graphics cards from Nvidia’s RTX 40 series coupled with Gigabyte’s top-notch engineering to deliver unrivaled performance both for gamers as well as professionals.

AI – Powered Revolution

Amongst other things these PC’s are powered by advanced artificial intelligence technology from Nvidia that offers real-time rendering enhancement, increased computational power and hi-res graphics without any glitches. Whether you are someone looking for extremely realistic imagery of your games or a professional who needs a lot of computing resources to run his or her artificial intelligence based software applications on it then this is the kind of machine you should try out.

High-end Specifications

The new Gigabyte RTX personal computers boast latest graphics card such as RTV4080 and RTV4090 allowing for high frame rate support alongside stunning visuals. Thanks to high-performance motherboards as well as thermal solutions provided by Gigabyte users can expect optimal performance even under heavy workloads.

Designed for Gamers and Professionals/ Designed Targeting Gamers And Professionals

These PCs running on an AI platform go beyond raw processing muscle; they are made with dependability plus efficiency in mind meaning they will suit different purposes such as playing high end games; rendering three dimension pictures; video editing and even doing data analysis.

Improved User Experience

GIGABYTE and NVIDIA have also improved the user experience with features like Nvidia DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) that improves image quality as well as Ray Tracing that makes lighting and reflections look real. Moreover, GIGABYTE’s exclusive software ensures effortless management plus optimization of the system.

Price and Availability

Next month, starting pre-orders for the new AI-based RTX computers between GIGABYTE and NVIDIA are opened today. There is a price range to cater for all needs hence prices may vary depending on configuration options selected.


Gigabyte is a famous brand name among computer hardware manufacturers such as motherboards, graphics cards, laptops etc. Gigabyte stands for cutting-edge technology advancements in an effort to deliver top-level products.


Nvidia has for long been recognized as one of the leaders of AI computing globally due to their pioneering work in Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and Artificial Intelligence Technology. Nvidia products are applied widely from gaming to professional visualization and even beyond these fields.

Learn More

For more information about the new AI-powered RTX PCs, visit GIGABYTE's official website and NVIDIA's official website.

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