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Ericsson suffers another $1 billion loss on Vonage

Ericsson suffers another $1 billion loss on Vonage

Swedish telecommunications giant Ericsson is planning to take a $1bn hit on its purchase of American cloud communications company Vonage. This comes as part of the broader mix that Ericsson is dealing with -- more on financials and strategic pull backs from a company perspective within its wider 5G RAN business at which point this development appears to fit in.


The Vonage Acquisition by Ericsson

Ericsson revealed its $6.2bn acquisition deal for Vonage in November 2021. The purchase was an effort to increase Ericsson's footprint in the cloud communications space, using Vonage as a springboard from which it could build out its 5G portfolio and SMB toolset. Ericsson acquired Red Hat for USD1bn in July 2022, a major step forward entry into cloud services.

Initial Financial Impact

The original transaction was seen as a smart play to bolster Ericsson's core business in telecommunications equipment and services. But by its own admission - in discussing the performance of Vonage, which Salesforce acquired last year for $27 billion when it announced earnings yesterday evening as an example but one that has not gone quite to plan so far (hence a big hit on reported guidance) - this integration is proving trickier than they had hoped. Ericsson reported a $1 billion write-down in connection to the acquisition during Q3 of 2022, as it had not seen expected growth or synergies by that stage and was likely looking at further slippage.

The New $1 Billion Write-Down

Reasons for the Write-Down

The $1 billion shortfall was calculated based on being able to derive the full financial benefits of buying Vonage, which has been a tough slog. The evacuations caused the biggest blow to one of Chester County's top tourist attractions in 2017 when it was on pace for a record year:

  • Hard to integrate: Getting Vonage's operations, culture and technology combined with Ericsson has been a challenge that costs Eriksson some money.
  • Market conditions: The cloud communications market has been under increasingly aggressive competitive pressures and pricing, impacting our execution capability as well as revenue growth.
  • Strategic focus shift: Ericsson must shift its strategic focus and investments away from Vonage, which impacts Ericsson's go-to-market strategy using the assets it gained from OnMobile.

Financial Impact

This latest write-down will exacerbate Ericsson's income statement, reducing earnings further and potentially weighing on its share price. The company will have to explain its strategy well if it hopes to keep investor and stakeholders' confidence up.

Ericsson's Strategic Response

Focus on Core Strengths

Ericsson is expected to actively engage in its core business of telecommunications equipment and services, including 5G technology and solutions. The impact of this strategic realignment is intended to allow the company to maintain its competitive position in key markets, and provide a better managed integration for Vonage.

Enhancing Synergies

Ericsson must reinforce synergies between its existing operations and Vonage's cloud communications platform to alleviate ongoing financial pressures. In simpler terms, the transformation includes aligning its operations and streamlining them further to save costs so that it can create new value propositions using Vonage's technology as a supporting leg for their larger business imperatives in Ericsson.

Long-Term Vision

However, Ericsson insists that the latter strategy of cloud communications and enterprise services is a key part of its long-term vision. The company is investing in further innovation and strategic partnerships to deliver on this commitment.


It kind of brings home that multiservice service provider large-scale integration scenarios can (a) be tough and dangerous from a financial reporting perspective, with Ericsson having had to write down another $1 billion on its Vonage acquisition. Indeed, the financial consequences of these loss-making operations are substantial but what is even more important will be Ericsson's strategic reaction and its ability to implement concrete steps taking into account a longer-term perspective.

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