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Ulefone Armor 27T Pro: Rugged Smartphone with Thermal Camera and 10,600 mAh Battery

Ulefone Armor 27T Pro: Rugged Smartphone with Thermal Camera and 10,600 mAh Battery

Ulefone Armor 27T Pro rugged flagship officially unveiled by the company. Built for outdoor enthusiasts, field professionals and anyone who needs a reliable phone with more features. All in all, the Armor 27T Pro offers a very interesting combination of quality and durability with its thermal camera built-in, huge 10,600mAh battery.

Incredible Strength and Aesthetics

The Ulefone Armor 27T Pro is a phone that can take on the toughest of environments. This rugged smartphone is both MIL-STD-810G compliant and rated to IP68/IP69K for water, dust, and temperature resistance. Built with high-quality material, the product is a shockproof device and has been expertly designed to withstand the accidental fall or any sudden damages, providing powerful functionality during your exciting moments of adventure and work.

Thermal Imaging Camera

Ulefone Armor 27T Pro Camera

The most impressive technology feature of the Armor 27T Pro is undoubtedly its built-in thermal camera. A thermal camera is great for qualified professionals in the trades of construction, electrical work, emergency service to find heat signatures and potentially find issues that no one can see with the naked eye. Armor 27T Pro with More Advanced Technology for Safety and Efficiency.

Powerful 10,600 mAh Battery

Ulefone Armor 27T Pro Battery

While high voltage comes with degradation to the battery, extended use might need longer uptime for those tough-as-nails smartphone users who walk long distances without a power source. Fueling performance this large is possible only with a huge battery. The Ulefone Armor 27T Pro handles this demand with a 10,600 mAh battery, keeping things powered throughout the day. Come sun or storm, in the backwoods or on a distant worksite with minimal electricity access, all-day use without concern for recharging is now available.

Features and Specifications

Armor 27T Pro offers great inspection performance. Basic apps run smoothly. The processor at the heart of Armor 27T Pro is more than powerful enough to run your apps, and a total giant when it comes to serving demanding applications. The device has a big screen with high resolution, and it is made up of Corning Gorilla Glass for more viewability secured against permanent damage. It also offers enough storage and RAM to deal with vast data and applications.

Improved Connectivity and Features

It is vital to stay connected, and the Armor 27T Pro has you covered with plenty of options. 4G LTE is also supported, which means you will have a stable and high-speed Internet connection anywhere. It comes with NFC for contactless payments, GPS to track location, and a fingerprint scanner for access to the device by just using your thumb.


Description: Ulefone Armor 27T Pro is a breakthrough in the rugged phone industry. Especially when used with the thermal camera, a huge 10,600 mAh battery, and flagship specifications to make this the smartphone of choice for professionals or adventurers alike. The Armor 27T Pro is currently without rival when it comes to devices for outdoor activities or work.

About Ulefone

Ulefone, a rugged smartphone vendor that is often first in the world to come up with creative design or strong device built. Ulefone, a company that prides itself on quality and customer satisfaction, keeps on the evolutionary track in technology to provide a durable and feature-rich smartphone to the users.

To find out more about the Ulefone Armor 27T Pro and other rugged device options the company offers, you can visit Ulefone.

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